Shake Flashlight Recommendation?


May 15, 2006
All interesting comments. about two years ago I bought a "shake light" (the only brand name on it) for $10 it still works (puts out some light).
After sitting in my glove box since I bought it. I just tried it and found that after 30 seconds of shaking full power for about 10 seconds then it dims slowly and dies after about a minute.

It's just enough light to find a lights will batteries. I'm sure I got what I paid for.

The area of low voltage power being generated at the source has come along way. Look for "shake" battery replacements in the next year or two. Rockwell Scientific has developed some great things in this area and they are looking to replace cell phone batteries with "shake power" or cell phone power just from walking around. I would be interested if anyone has more info on this technology.


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Oct 28, 2005
Life of capacitors vs life of batteries

I researched ultracapactors a little. Manufacturers claim to have made good progress in the last three years.

I agree - if the flashlight uses good quality ultracapacitors (e.g. Maxwell) - it should work well.
If on the other side - some kind of rechargeable battery is used - I would be very skeptical.

Still - I remember when I was told that my recordable CDs would last for many years :). Recent studies paint a different picture.