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Aug 27, 2006
The parent company is doing an excellent job with the different price-tiers for Kershaw and ZT. I love my ZT 0562CF.... even though I originally ordered the G10 version of the 0562. Seller sent me the carbon fiber version. Decided, what the heck; I'll keep it.

Won't lie, if I see a ZT model I like, I check to see if Kershaw has a similar one in their line-up. I'm looking for knives I can carry, use, and easily re-sharpen. That's why I collect Kershaws, instead of ZTs.

On a side note, I can highly recommend the water-bottles that officially carry the Kershaw, and the ZT brand names. I use a ZT bottle at work. Developed a bit of a funky taste recently. Even though only things I fill it with are water. Used baking soda to give it a proper clean. Now it's as good as it was on Day 1. Highly recommend their water-bottles.

And highly recommend staying away from the newer Hydro-flasks that came out about a decade or so ago. The Made in USA ones were great, the Made in China ones.... Mine developed some sort of black mold on the inside, bottom of the water-bottle. Again, only ever filled it with water. Not sure what sort of pot-luck junk metal they're using inside of those water-bottles, but I'm done with them! I still remember trying to hunt down brick & mortar shops in Manhattan that sold Hydro-flasks. I found literally one in a Vegan health foods store on the East side. Only a handful on the West side. The Made in China ones couldn't even get the two-piece plastic lids right. I ended up cherry-picking mine from an Outdoors store.... The one that developed the black mold on the inside.


Jan 6, 2013
Cape Town