Simple 2 mode for SF C series with drop-in??


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Apr 17, 2007
Charleston, SC
:wave:I recently purchased both a SF C2 and a Malkoff M60WF drop-in (great btw!) and am finding that I would like to have the option for a standard 2 level clicky tailcap. I must be missing something b/c I can't seem to find anything like this! Here's what I found so far that support multiple outputs but doesn't really meet my criteria:

1. McC2S 2-stage switch for the SF LOTC tail (from the 'Shoppe): From what I can tell, it doesn't function as a clickie but the light output depends on how hard the tail is pushed. Push lightly for low mode, push hard for high mode (same goes for constant on operations)

2. Uniq 'continuously variable' brightness tail from Lighthound (and there's a similar TLS tail from OpticsHQ): Discussed a good bit and has mixed reviews...still is not a standard two-mode clicky though.

Any thoughts? I'm guessing I just missed it b/c I would think there is a demand for this out there...

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