simple lathe mods: carriage gauge


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Jul 28, 2013
Phoenix, AZ
In threading, one of the issues I've come into is knowing exactly how far "in" I'm traveling along the Z axis. Yes, the carriage has a gauge, but it's in .004" or twenty thou per group. For whatever reason (read, dyslexia) I never trust myself by using that.

So taking a guide from Blondie Hacks on Youtube, I made a carriage gauge. It's nothing fancy, and probably 2x the size it needs to be, but it works really well.


A smaller upgrade with a nod to Adam Savage, I've put a 8-ball on my Aloris quick-change. Recently upgraded from the chineseum one whose handle got in the way changing tooling.
It's a silly upgrade, but I like it. Plus, the extra mass makes locking/ unlocking easier.


PS: my Aloris was used, and came with a couple blind-threaded holes. Are these stock, or added for holding a gauge or something?