Smaller die Cree?


Newly Enlightened
Aug 23, 2005
OK, I can't figure out how to sort the search results to find the answer to my question, so please be gentle . . .

I found a POS Brinkmann "Tuffmax" 1AA at WM with a Cree I've never seen before. Externally the emitter looks like an XR-E but the die is smaller. The surface conductors form two short rectangles rather than three long rectangles. It has a total of two bond wires. It's mounted on a white-topped aluminum pill with no markings. What is it?!?

The package claims 45L and it might approach that with a new cell. The housing is junk, but it has a decent reflector, power supply, and switch. It's noticably brighter running off 1xD cell (~0.6W input). Also looking for info to mod the switcher for higher power. Thanks.