Snow snow snow! Blackouts one after another!


Newly Enlightened
Nov 30, 2008
So we have had huge amounts of snow in Finland lately and now the power grid is malfunctioning in many places. In Eastern Finland they've already started evacuating older people from houses with no electricity. In the media they suggest people buy food they can warm with fire. Hilarious.

Sooo, that means that we've had a great number of blackouts as well (I live in Central Finland). For example, the power has been out maybe a dozen times today, three of which lasted half an hour or so. Longer blackouts in the coming days and weeks seem inevitable.

But that's OK. When a blackout comes I simply tailstand the TK45 on high or turbo mode on the living room table and half the house is illuminated. :naughty: That thing seriously delivers the lumens! My Quark mini Ti lights up one room, LD15 is on continuous duty and of course my ZL H501w goes everywhere with me. Outside, the Fenix HP20 headlamp is my best friend. Just today I received a diffuser lens for it.

I have plenty of Eneloops on the ready, we'll never be in the dark!


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