So, 1st Gen and 2nd Gen Maelstrom... worth the price difference?


Jan 12, 2007
I'm preparing to order a Maelstrom. Is it worth buying the newer version over the older? There is a considerable price difference between them. I'm considering buying two so the price could be important.

I'm planning on putting one on a shotgun and another on a rifle (and/or one to carry in a maxpedition holster on my Monsoon gear slinger bag.

This will basically be replacing a Tiablo A8 for regular use outside of work. I now use the A8 exclusively at work with a collimator head.

Hopefully, I like the beam brightness and pattern more than the A8 for use around the house (outside - live rural with no neighbors and no security lights other than porch lights).

So, is it worth the price diff? Lumens only doesn't make it worth it. 350 vs. 375 wouldn't even be noticeable to the eye. Is there a color temp or pattern difference?

If you have first hand experiance with it, how might it compare to the Tiablo A8? I looked at a pic comparing it but I'm asking how it would compare to the eye. Pictures don't tell the full story.