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So Don, what's next?


Flashlight Enthusiast
Apr 25, 2004
Republic of Singapore
I am going to bet that this is not going to happen.
It has been asked in the past regarding other Ti projects. The bottom line is that while they are less expensive for us to buy. the time that Don needs to invest in the light is the same. Like it or not there is more return on invested capitol when Don makes these lights in titanium.

I was very pleased when Don released the aluminum aleph mule program because there was no way I was going to buy one in ti Just too much dough for me at the time.

I really am with you on this. I would love to see this light in a slate black anodized aluminum.
I have learned that if I want to play with the titanium that Don makes I may need to be ready to give something up.
IN the end lights like the Lunasol in their limited numbers hold their value (better than aluminum versions would) they end up being good investments because a year or two down the road that light can be sold and you can take that dough to buy the latest thing.

The fact is that the Lunasol is all but impossible to get now.

I'm with you on non-Ti versions but Ti is just so damn sexy... :devil:

Actually there is one up for sale at the other place...:whistle:


Aug 27, 2006
Was hoping that someday Don would make a tiny sized CR123 Twisty. Would love to see Don's take on Larry's LL123. Never been a fan of the styling, but love the form factor.