So i suppose I have a bad cell?


Newly Enlightened
Jan 5, 2009
This is my first problem with Li-Ions so I am asking what to do. :)

I bought the 32650 pair with charger from KD about 1.5 years ago.

I have used them in my 2D mag with a 64275 bulb, 6v 35w.

I have noticed one cell dropping off early so i havent used the light much, being scared of a big boom. I check it out today since i had time.

One cell read 3.5x, the other 3.4x, I turn the light on and its bright but i notice its dropping quicker than i have seen, I let it run down a tad.

One cell reads 3.4x and rising to a high 3.4, The other read 2.5x and was rising very quickly and stopped at around 3.0. I also noticed this cell was warm. (now sitting in a bucket outside haha)

So i should toss the cell?