So... Once Upon a Time...


Aug 9, 2015
My own little Idaho
Tonight I'm sitting in an Italian joint with Mrs Fixer and in the ceiling speakers is playing this Journey song 'lovin touchin squeezin.' I said "did I ever tell you about the guy singing this song stopped in to get gas where I worked one year?" She said "no you haven't".

It caused a memory to pop in my head about a day when I worked at a gas station and this really nice 69 or so Chevelle pulls up to a full service pump and the driver kept the engine running. The fellow had long hair and when he got out he was wearing a full length fir coat like some rock star or something. He pumped his own gas, tipped me a $20 and drove off without saying a word.

Later that day I was telling my brother about this really nice Chevelle driven by a guy wearing a full length fir coat. He said "mobster maybe?".

Later that summer I was watching late night tv, probably Nite Flite or something and they have this new phenomenon singing their new hit lovin touchin squeezing live. "Holy Crap!! That's the guy with the Chevelle and the fir coat singing" I thought. It was his hawk beak type nose that was what I remembered about the guy. Next day I called my brother and said "that guy in the fir coat I told you about was the lead singer of a band called Journey". He said "who?" I said "no Journey". He said "never heard of them". I said "me neither but the lead singer pumps his own gas so he must be pretty cool".

Next year at school lovin touchin squeezin was blasting from nearly everybody's Jensen car stereos.
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