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Apr 15, 2023
I just got a HS10 (and a SC21) and love it everything except runtime. I get only 1 hour and 20 minutes in the medium mode (200 lumens). In comparison, my Coast XPH27R can do 4 hours with the same battery (EBL 750 mAh) in medium mode (155 lumens), which means about 3 hours if 200 lumens. So, Coast's runtime is double of the HS10.

I switched to ramping mode and adjusted the brightness to about the same as the Coast. It ran 2 hours this time, indeed, only half of the Coast. Very similar results with SC21. The results match the runtime numbers in the manual and runtime graphs from some reviews. I also noticed that HS10 runs quite warm, significantly warmer than Coast.

I found runtime graphs for Fenix HM50R V2 and Olight Perun 2 Mini, they don't look any better than HS10.

Is the Coast so much more efficient? Or it steps down much sooner to achieve a longer run? I cannot find any runtime graphs for XPH27R, XPH25R and TPH25R (they are all the same thing). Hopefully some of you will have a chance to test one, it is only $20 from Walmart. A very good light with adjustable focus, color temperature and CRI are no compare to HS10 though.

One hour is too short for me, so I have to go back to the Coast. I just added a clip to it using a thick silicon rubber band, now it is as convenient to use as the HS10.



Bought a pair of white plastic bowls from DollarTree for $1.25 and made my own integrating sphere in a minute. I have some photo resistors around, so I drilled two tiny holes for the resistor's legs. As I guessed, the Coast XPH27R stepped down to half brightness within just 10 minutes. So the Coast runtime is all fake, just like what they did with XPH30R. Well, they are not cheating though, thanking to that stupid FL1 Standard.

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Mar 22, 2013
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I've checked that hs10 out. Looks pretty good and well priced. But the driver kinda sucks. No regulation whatsoever. It's just a fet with pwm for modes. A single 7135 linear channel would've been a nice addition

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