Solarforce L2 flashlight


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Oct 15, 2008
South East KY
Just got my Solarforce L2 flashlight with R2 drop in. I notice that the drop in says R2 LC-1 input 3v-18v. It does not appear to have good heat sinking since it only uses the spring against the inside of the battery tube. I dont know for sure how well it will hold up. I have one extension on the light and have three primaries in it right now. It is very bright, almost as bright as my M60 drop in. It has decent throw and side spill. Not bad for the money. The L2 body seems to be of decent quality, better than most of the knock off fire brands out there. If this drop in dont last, at least I will have a good host for others. Does anyone know more about the drop in I have?


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Jul 5, 2006
Stockholm, Sweden
I know one thing about the head of the solarforce L2. On the original verison, the material near the lense is very thin and rather soft even for being aluminum. I strongly advise you not to drop it on the floor head first as it might deform easily. This might not apply if you have the one with a crenelated bezel. The rest of the L2's body seems healthy enough for normal use.