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Sold/Expired SOLD Customized Ti Preon


Dec 5, 2007
This light has a custom tumbled finish then I chucked the center body section into my lathe and added some shallow grooves for traction. I then anodized the center section with a very high voltage kind of grey color, since its high voltage its MUCH more durable than standard lower voltage colors. I carried this light as my primary pocket light for about a year running a 10440 in it at all times, still works perfectly and is super bright!!! I only replaced it because of the new LDO! regulated head, its just brighter with a 10440 in it, brighter than even the Preon with a 10440.Comes with box and both clicky and twisty tail caps.

SOLD Price is $65 shipped in the US. First to post Ill take it here in a reply gets it.Paypal to [email protected] is fine and I will eat the fee's. I am responsible for this light getting to your door, if its lost or stolen you get your money back, like all sales should be on the forums....