Sold/Expired SOLD: George Kemenes Balaton custom lights in Mokume, Ti and Brass

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May 5, 2019
Due to a work-related relocation, I am downsizing my custom light collection and offering the following amazing George Kemenes custom Balaton lights for sale. These lights haven't been carried and are in the same condition as when received from George. "Balaton" is an homage to the town George originally hails from.

1. Mokume Gane: SOLD. Includes Mokume body sleeves, red trit sphere encased in the tail, 5 x 1.5mm x 6mm green trits installed in the body and an acid-etched, mirror polished finish on the entire light.

2. Titanium: Price SOLD. Includes Damasteel body sleeves, 5 x 1.5mm x 6mm green trits installed in the body, 5 x 1mm x 3mm green trits installed in the tail and a "machine finish" (semi-polished) on the entire light.

3. Brass: Price SOLD. Includes Titanium body sleeves in a blue flamed finish, 5 x 1.5mm x 6mm green trits installed in the body, 5 x 1mm x 3mm green trits installed in the tail and a brushed brass finish on the entire light.

- Hefty copper pill for containment of the driver and LED board;
- Nichia 219C 4000K 93 CRI LED;
- Dual coated Sapphire window protects the front of the light. Mokume light has a 2nd protecting the trit sphere in the tail;
- Deep reflector for maximum throw in this size;
- FET driver with GuppyDrv Rev.2 with 20 mode groups;
- Material matched "O"-ringed tail switch design;
- Uses a 10440 Lithium battery (Efest 350 mAh flat top recommended);
- Lifetime Warranty through multiple owners, can be transferred from original owner, excludes self-inflicted damages;
- Mokume version is numbered;
- Size: 4 inches high x 0.70 inches diameter;
- Original presentation box is included.

Payment: please remit via PayPal or Venmo within 24 hours or light will be offered to other buyers.

Pricing: includes all fees and shipping to US buyers. International orders do not include shipping, customs duties, etc.

Shipping: to US addresses is via USPS Priority Mail and is included in the price. International orders will be shipped via the buyer's preferred option, but FEDEX is recommended for peace of mind and safety.


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