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Sold/Expired SOLD Heavy Iron Short Arc Collection Going Up For Sale As A Lot -- More lights and a 28 Volt DC, 2.9Kw Power Supply Added


Sep 25, 2004
I'm approaching 71 physically but am still really only 45 in my head and actions. I don't want my wife to have to try to sell all my heavy Iron someday when I move on. I would like to sell all my lights listed below as a lot to keep them together. I am pricing the LOT exceptionally cheap as I know transporting them to a buyer will not be cheap. I do not want to ship them so a buyer would need to arrange for shipping of them. I'm guessing that each light would cost about $300 to prepare for shipping and ship and I would make them easily available. I want $2,500 for the lot. I would be willing to drive as far north as the San Francisco Bay area and as far south as Orange County, CA to deliver them. I would add $1,000 to the price for that option. The only NightSun SX16 sold on Ebay went for $4,500 alone. You could sell the ones you don't want and probably make your purchase back 3 or more times. The sale of this amount of Short Arc power most likely would never happen here on CPF or anywhere else again. Be my Hero and give these Fabulous Gems a new home.

VSS-3A - 1,000 Watt, 14" Short Arc U.S. Tank light 100% complete with control box and all custom made cables plus 3 spare lamps. Fully working, full mfg manuals

German Leopard 1 Tank Light AEG XSW 450 Watt, 14" Short Arc with all original cables and control box. Fully working, full mfg manuals

Spectrolab SX16, 10" NightSun Short Arc with brand new enhanced reflector, control box and all cables 1 extra lamp. Fully working

Spectrolab SX5, 5", 500 Watt Starburst Short Arc with control box, mounting yolk and all cables, 1 extra lamp. Fully working

VERY RARE, maybe the only pair left in existence - Two each, Optical Radiation Corp X500, 14", 500 Watt Short Arc Gunfire simulators with new reflectors and cables. Still trying to get new lamps made. I have 1 working lamp.

I just added these 2 items for no additional cost:

TrakkaBeam 800 Watt "multi-color" Short Arc - two light heads and 1 control box/power supply plus REALLY big and nice Pelican rolling cases.

ORC Locator 300 Watt short Arc - I can't get this light it ignite, it tries but no-go.

3rd Added item: $500 additional

Flotrol/Realtec/Lorrain 2900 Watt, 100 Amp Power Supply capable of running all the above 28 VDC lights from standard household 240 VAC power.

In total, I've spent between $14,000 to $15,000 acquiring these lights and getting them running over my early CPF years. All of these lights have extensive posts about them by me on CPF and are easily searchable. I have a beautiful stand I made out of 3" polished Aluminum and an outside table umbrella base that will mount the ORC lights and the Spectrolab lights that's included.
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Oct 31, 2007
Willamette Valley, OR
I have enjoyed reading about these lights in my early years on CPF, and hope they go to good homes. I have always wanted one of those Tank Lights. :-/


Flashlight Enthusiast
Dec 13, 2004
I remember seeing a tank light a long time ago at a Flashaholic Get together. They are certainly impressive!!!