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Sold/Expired Sold: Hinderer XM-18 3" Harpoon Flipper,


Flashlight Enthusiast
Apr 8, 2009
Tucson, AZ USA
SOLD, Black scale still available.- Hinderer 3" Harpoon Flipper with FLE (Flat Light Earth) scale. Comes in original box and bag. (w/foam peanuts). Also included is a Hinderer 3" black G10 scale. Has been flipped a little, and disassembled / reassembled to swap the scale. Stonewashed S35VN blade, stonewashed frame. Centering is a millimeter towards the G10 side, does not rub. Detent is excellent. Lock up is strong and solid, all lettering / logos deep and clear. Overall a very nice example of the latest design from the Hinderer Ranch. Asking $444 for the knife and both scales, or $420 for the knife with the FDE scale only. Price is shipped, USA, PayPal. Sold
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