Sold/Expired SOLD: Mac & McGizmo Lights



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Mar 15, 2011
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Re: FS: Mac & McGizmo Lights

Girl, you are on a McG binge :nana: You may not be aware that there's a support group & a Twelve-Step program (modeled after Alcoholics Anonymous). Just don't let the other half find out :crackup:

The 27LT-S is one of Don's classics. Here's what Kiessling wrote in the McG Product Overview:



The third light in the McLuxIII-Series, this time with the McR-27L and a DBx2 driver. Think of it as a hybrid between the PD and the HD45 on a 2x123 chassis. Comes with a LuxIII UX1K and offers extreme toughness and technical finesse. Alternate versions include the LuxV variant with the NBBx2 driver as seen on the HD45 above ... and ... the McLuxIII-27LT-S with the Seoul P4 LED instead of the LuxIII. (bold type is mine, not Kiessling's).

The Seoul P4 is the nicest emitter you'll ever see. Not The Latest & Greatest, but a really sweet beam that you'll instantly love. Your Ti PD-S and Al PD-S also have the Seoul P4, but the 27mm reflector on this model give it a totally different beam profile.

Congrats on a nice grab.

Thanks a lot! And yes, on a binge . . . and in need of 12-step group. WoW! I guess the first step is admitting I have a problem . . . and I have fellow addicts to help point that out!

I'm excited to get my hands on THIS McGizmo classic! WOOT!