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For Sale - Flashlight SOLD: Noctigon by Vinh Kr1vnLego, SBT90.2 De-Lens 5700K @2s 5000L, 110Kcd, 663m


Sep 25, 2004
Up for sale is the titled light. I got it about 3-4 weeks ago. I looked at my shelf of lights and said "too many unused lights, some have to go". I've linked to Vinh's site where this light and the sister light (Kr4) are shown together. I paid $248 for it. I'll take the hit and offer it for $159 including shipping in the U.S. It has about 10 minutes of use by me. Looks exactly like it did when I received it, perfect. Original box and spare orings and things. Comes with the shown 18650 Copper body and the Copper 18350 body. The original ad says it's hand engraved "V54" and "Fiat Lux". I do not see this anywhere on the light.

Don't mistake it for the Kr4 sister light. Mine is the one with the Copper body and Bezel.
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