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SOLD on FB: Custom Titanium Sinner with 10 Trits for an HDS (See Post)


Flashlight Enthusiast
Apr 4, 2006
So I have this Titanium Sinner flashlight (Triple) sporting 10 ice blue trits, a heat
anodized titanium clip and a glow gasket. This setup is in like new condition, no dents, dings or scratches.

I'm the 3rd owner, so exact specs have been lost when changing hands.
It's a 5 mode with memory, I would guess Nichia LED's 4500/5000k.
Beautiful Tint!
I will include an EFEST 700 mAh 10.5A 3.7V cell.
Has been charged 4 times total.
I have a little over 500.00 in this light.

I would do a straight trade for the following HDS setup.
- Executive
- NLT, Amber or 325 lumen led
- Prefer a Clicky, but may consider a Rotary.
- 18650 body only
- Silver or Black bezel
- Flushed or Raised button
- Light must be in like NEW condition - No dents or Dings.

PM Me with any offers.

Sin1.jpg Sin2.jpg Sin3.jpg