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Sold/Expired SOLD-Surefire c2 quad 219c 5000k frosted optics


Oct 17, 2013
Manchester UK
With permission I would like to put this out there. Thank you.
Price is negotiable, I'm asking less than what it owes me. Message me if far out. Thank you.
C2 cost me £150
P60 quad imported with duty /postage same
Switch imported $30 at time
Zeno imported $15 at time
Hey all hope all well. Up is a c2 centurion with mcclicky tail cap, Zeno bezel ring .

Engine is a quad 219c 5000k. I can't remember exact driver as been stored. I know I bought from
MTN elec and imported it. Its 3 mode starts low .
I went for simple with this one, the low is perfect for general uses and you know what you get every time you turn it on!
No doubt on a high drain 18650 body , you would be toward 2500lm ish. Maybe more!

Has a soft frosted optics which can be changed if owner decided. I think it's a beautiful soft hot spot of 5000k light.
Not sure on output , but this light is not bored and been left factory regarding the body (not bored so used 16650 which is good for 5a).
Probably talking 1000lm as is on 16650

Pretty much mint/new, 1 spec of ano missing which was like that from new shown in pic .
Never been used or beat on.

Simply selling to pass on a forever classic .

Looking at 200 British pounds to me. Will be tracked , messsge me if interested or on here .

Coming from the UK to where ever you want. Pics packaged and posted as per my normal ways ,will be sent to who ever wants this beauty.

You will be communicated all along the way, and when shipped with pics and tracking .

Unfortunately I have no control of time it takes to get to you.
Thanks for looking , if don't know me my eBay is venn105. I take great pride in my integrity .

Some pics from now and some from last week bellow.

ATB ven

Small ano spec that's been from factory. Frustrating but unfortunately not rare!






Zeno bezel ring


Standard body with perfect threads

Tail cap close up

219c 5000k quad soft, beautiful soft spot of 5000k goodness. 3 mode levels always low. I find the low level perfect for general use. Plus you always know what your getting!

I can post pics all day haha!!!


So any specific ones shout.
£250 now £200.I can post within 24hrs of payment.

Thanks for looking
Thanks CPF
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