Some mod work done (MD1, 1 cell extension, 2 cell extension, bored surefire, ect...)


Nov 24, 2009
Greenville SC
I didn't get a before picture. Before this was a Malkoff MD4, a Malkoff 16.5mm MDX head, a scrap piece from an MD3 converted to MD1 and a stock SureFire 6PX.

After some time on the lathe they became the following.
an MD1 (single cell Malkoff like body)
a 2 cell extension for a Malkoff body,
a 1 cell extension for a Malkoff body,
a 22.3 mm opening MDx head
a SureFire 6PX that takes an 18650.

After this picture I blacked out all the exposed areas on the MD1 and extensions, and added o-rings.

I find is interesting that the o-ring groove on the SureFire body measures about 0.010" thinner than the same groove on the Malkoff bodies. That leaves a little less material in the thinnest part when bored for an 18650 and compared to the Malkoff bodies. Still plenty of material, and both still work, just interesting.