Soshine 3.0v RCR123 cells won't fit into my Inova 24/7 headlamp.

Turbo DV8

Flashlight Enthusiast
Jul 5, 2006
Silicon Valley
Well, at a local retailer I fit-tested one brand of RCR in my Inova 24/7, and it fit fine. But when I received some Soshine 3.0v RCR123 cells and charger from Deal Extreme, there is not enough clearance in the 24/7 battery compartment to accomodate the diameter of the Soshine's. It seems the Soshine is very slightly larger in diameter than what I tried in the brick-and-mortar store. I fell I could cram the cell in the compartment, but I know it would never come out again! Maybe they would fit fine in another 123 cell light, if I had another, because it seems that the tolerance of the battery compartment is very tight on the 24/7. If I took a battery that fit OK, then put even a piece of scotch tape around the cell once, it would no longer fit. Anybody had problems with RCR123's not fitting their lights?