Spec me an LED Flashlight please! ~£70



So after spending a lot of time reading reviews on here I find myself utterly confused! I had ordered a Lenser M7 but later saw that the Fenix PD30 seemed to outperform it as well as be smaller. Then I saw a load of other stuff! I've tried to be detailed about what I'm looking for.

  • I don't mind too much about battery type, I don't mind buying more expensive batteries for a good runtime/more overall brightness.
  • I much prefer brilliant white light to warmer or strangely tinted lights.
  • I walk through the woods home from work in dim conditions/sometimes very dark. The ability to see a good distance as well as light up a decent area (flood?) would be desirable.
  • I like the small form factor of the PD30 but the only reason I do is because it seems like a powerhouse for it's size. As long as the performance scales with size, I am happy to go for a bigger model like the Olight.
  • I'm not going to be smashing it around, but I've heard some of the 4Sevens models aren't as durable as other brands.
Here are models I've been looking at, but I would loooooove some recommendations! :huh:

Fenix TK12/PD30 R4/5

4Sevens Maelstrom