SST-70 (or equiv) + 21700 + EDC(ish)!


Newly Enlightened
Oct 28, 2022
Okay, thanks in advance! I did a "newbie" intro in the appropriate forum..

I'm only saying "21700" because of the typical 5,000 Mah. Could be anything. It's just that these things all run on batteries and the more Mah, the longer run times -- given the roughly 50% light to heat efficiency of an average LED emitter..
What I like so far.. somewhat like: Fenix E-35 v3. Here's why:
- 3000 lumens
- 5000 Mah
- Nice (for me) throw + beam spread. (IMO: This is a compromise unless you have a 10k lumen floody) (My goal: Turn night into day).
- Quite compact for its output. Could be larger / longer, no worries.
What I don't like: Risk of accidental activation. Drives me nuts. However, I'd probably not do it, or worry about it, as I have a 9mm with no "safety" and I'm not planning to have it "accidentally" discharge any time soon.
The E-35 does have the "double tap" lock out. I'd hope never to need that. Not being able to hold one, I have no idea of the pressure required on the button to activate. That being said, that button looks "whimpy." Can we please put a real button on there? Or a clicky in the tail cap?
Okay, So you have an idea how fussy I am! My fussiness comes from the engineering end of things. If you guys have any suggestions, I'm all ears. All this stuff comes from China anyway so I have no problem with new brands, unknown brands, or ordering directly from China. Thanks again!!