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Oct 1, 2007
Sunraysia, Australia
Just wanted to revive this tread because I just saw the second trailer for Star Trek and it looks awesome! Also looking forward to Wolverine.

I,for one would be quite interested to see a new Star Trek TV series following this newly "rebooted" Star Trek movie.(starring all the actors from the new movie..)

+1 :thumbsup:

I remember watching TOS in it's 'rerun form' during my childhood, though not a die hard (dressing up for a convention) fan I didn't mind Scott Bakula's character in Enterprise either as I really enjoyed 'Quantum Leap' during it's hey day too :D

I'm NOT a fan of the JJ Abrams directing style... in fact he totally fubar'ed that series LOST IMHO, and it started with such sheer entertainment potential :mad:

I'm looking forward to the new Trek from an entertainment point of view. Just want to go get some popcorn and enjoy myself.

Hell yeah! any ST movie is better than watching some of the 'supposed to be block buster' excuses that have been released in recent years (B grade direct to DVD quality) :shakehead