Streamlight Stinger HP-C cell Alkalines in a pinch?


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Nov 27, 2001
Houston, TX
A friend of mine just got a Streamlight Stinger Hp (very nice light bty), and she will be using it for night time search and rescue work, and sometimes the search can go on all night.

The Stinger is a rechargable light, with a one hour run time, and it appears that 3 C cells can fit in the battery compartment.

My question is, can she actually use 3 C alkaline cells, if she is going to be in a situation where she will need the light for more than one hour?

Has anyone done this?

I was just thinking that if, on a Tuesday, she was called to do a search on Tuesday night, she could just swing over to a Wal-mart, pick up 3 sets of C batteries, put it in her back pack, and she would be set for the night.



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Jan 8, 2002
No the alkalines will not be able to deliver the current needed. the bulb will be way underdriven and will affect the output which will be yellower than a mag alkaline and ultimately the life of the bulb which will be dramatically shortened because it would'nt be able to effectivly initate the halogen cleansing cycle.