Streamlight Super Seige - opinions?


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Dec 27, 2005
Great light! Very bright on high. Other modes with less output are good too. Great defuser not glarey. Big lithium battery which last long and keeps a charge when not used. Can be recharged from car or 12v battery with optional car charger.

One complaint is that the brightness modes other than High are PWM.

It's rugged and we'll made and is a lantern I can rely on.

In my old age I have become a tint snob and I do prefer the Fenix CL30R and especially my Goal Zero Lighthouse 600 over any of my Siege lanterns and neither the Fenix or the Goal Zero 600 have PWM in any of their brightness modes.

That said, there's something subjective about the feel of the Streamlight's build quality that makes you want to reach for it first even with the shortcoming of tint and PWM and that's saying something especially when I dislike PWM more than most other things dealing with lights.
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