Suggestions for Spotlight Bulb Replacement



I just took apart my old spotlight because the bulb blew (and it's a peice of junk anyway).

It's a Vector VEC192 (supposedly 20 million CP)

Not this newer model:

But this version:

The H4 bulb inside is a 12V 130/100 Watt car bulb, which I'm guessing is about 8-10 Amps (calculated).

The battery source is unmarked mostly, but it's two 6 Volt cells tied together...I couldn't find it on this page:

So I assume it's a non-standard battery pack, probably made just to power this type of light.

So I want to replace the H4 bulb to use when I go on camping trips...but I don't think an H4 has a very long shelf life with this thing.

What would you suggest replacing it with?

Are there any HID or LEDs I could buy that would work instead of the 12V/130W H4 bulb?


Newly Enlightened
Nov 28, 2007

I have the exact same spotlight, exact same issue. Did oyu ever find an answer for your question?

Thanks, Ted in NC