Suggestions for tactical lights



I'd like to make a suggestion for your lights tailored/aimed for the "tactical" law enforcement market. The first is the make the strobe available in the different levels of brightness. I think for clearing indoors (i.e., execution of a search warrant) about 150 to 200 lumens is just about right. With this amount of lumens you can light up rooms of considerable size and determine if any targets are armed (i.e., identify what is in their hands). I've been using the Surefire X300, which touts about 170 lumens, which actually may be a little too bright for this indoor entries. By too bright, I mean that I've had the light aimed at a white wall a few feet away, and been distracted (mildly temporarily blinded) by the bright reflection of my own light coming back at me from the white wall. However, for outside/outdoors, I can see the maximum lumens would be very handy. Perhaps you could even make this a gradual/continuous increasing/decreasing option rather than just a few brightness settings.

I think the strobe feature is excellent and can and should be used on raids indoors and outdoors/perimeter. Stobes helps blind, as well as make it a little harder for the bad guy to track your light. (They tell us to manually flash the light; but it would be far easier to just have a setting to turn on, than to have to keep pushing a button on and off.) That being said, I would also recommend a strobe speed that varies. Perhaps you could consider letting the user program his/her own strobe pattern. For example, I would like something like a fast SOS. I like the way the Fenix TK15 strobe automatically switches between a faster strobe rate and a lower strobe rate. However, from what little I could determine from YouTube, I think that the faster strobe rate is a little too fast; and gives away your position like constant on.

So I would, for example, ideally like a light that provided a strobe at about 150 to 200 lumens for indoor raids; with the ability for 300+ lumen strobe for outdoors.

I would also recommend a very low moonlight at about 0.2 lumen. This would be very helpful to read maps and taking notes while trying to be covert on surveillance/stake-out.