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Aug 6, 2014
I sort of rung and ran. Sorry about that... I tend to lurk without logging in, and then fail to see my subscriptions have new posts.

Thank you for that thoughtful explanation, Electron Guru... and greatscoot. One solution is growth, but it can't be easy to simply grow a flashlight business to scale to demand. The skills needed to build such things are multidisciplinary... materials and electronics expertise don't always also go together with skilled hands.

If many Oveready products are hand made, why not make to order for premium prices? For example, if I ordered a made to order ZRT, what price would it necessarily need to be?

I am grateful that Oveready is still here, and still on the cutting edge, innovating. So many small, or really, one man outfits, have made handfuls of popular product and then disappeared, leaving only the finite product to change hands infrequently.
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Dec 23, 2020
Not sure if this has been brought up but it would be nice to see the milled grooves line up on the body, head, and bezel.

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