Sunwayman Remote Switch



Hello all. I am a law enforcement officer and I am interested in replacing mr AR-15 rifle light combination ( a Surefire G2 with Command Arms Accessories flashlight grip adapter). I want the option of the strobe function for building clearing but do not like how most flashlights require a combination of switch activations to put the flashlight in strobe mode.

I have been looking at the Sunwayman M30R and M10R. I like the rotating bezel to change the modes but I am looking for a remote tape switch for them but have not been able to locate one.

Does anyone know if the company is coming out with a remote switch or if there is a generic switch out there that would work?

Also, I am not committed to the Sunwayman lights. Are there any other flashlights with simular features (strobe/lumens/rotating bezel) that I could look at for a substitute?