Sunwayman V11R (XM-L2) and HDS Rotary 250 beam comparisons.


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Dec 27, 2013
Saint Paul, MN
Hi all, I am relatively new to all things flashlight. I recently started carrying flashlights and purchased the SWM v11r and HDS EDC rotary 250. I am using primary cells in both so the SWM claims 219 lumen. In comparing it to my HDS, which I believe is the full 250 lumens it claims, the SWM is fairly close in brightness, albeit a completely different beam profile. Stay with me, there is a question in this post coming, I promise:) The SWM has quite a bit more flood than the HDS. I attribute this to the different emitters XM-L2 Vs. XP-G2 I don't know if I am asking my question with the proper verbiage, please bear with me.G2? and reflector design (what else could it be right???) I like the variety. It seems to me that the SWM is very slightly warmer than the HDS. This kinda surprises me. If I really scrutinize the beam, it appears that the "hot spots" are fairly close in whiteness but the difference comes in the spill portion. The HDS has a very defined and relatively tight hot spot compared to the SWM but the SWM has a much more floody beam. Although the hot spots seem close, the corona on the SWM looks somewhat green and the spill a little warmer when compared to the HDS. The HDS Spill is seemingly blue in comparison but very white in the middle. My question is regards to the "warmth" of the two. Does anyone know what the claimed temperatures are for these two lights? I don't know if I am asking that question with the proper verbiage, please bear with me. Am I seeing what I would expect to see? Thanks in advance for your help!
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