Surefire 9N511 vs. Current-Day 9AN


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Oct 2, 2000
I currently own a Surefire L7 which comes with a CN400 charger and a pair of B90 batteries.

Now, I have a chance to buy a 9N511 but I wanted to know what I'd be missing compared to the current-day 9AN. What are the differences between these 9x lights? If I need to buy replacement parts and accessories, are the current-day parts and accessories compatible with the old 9N511? I'm worried about the batteries, charger, lamps, tailcap, bezel and turboheads. I've never handled either light so I'm clueless. Thanks in advance.


Aug 29, 2000
Kettering, England
The 9AN has a LockOut TailCap, Pyrex window, Hard Anodising and shares BeamFilters etc with the M3. It can also accept a Lanyard Ring on the TailCap end of the body.
The 9AN comes with two battery sticks and a Rapid SmartCharger.

The 9N can be charged whole without having to remove the battery. However, there were lots of different charging options.

Also, the 9N can accept the T3 - a superb intense beam from a 3" diameter extended range TurboHead.

The 9AN accepts the KT3 - a 2.5" diameter TurboHead with less throw compared to the T3.

I bought a 9N and a T3 - it gets used a lot more than my 9AN or 9AN+KT3.

The N90 Lamp Assembly is the same but the rest is not interchangeable. Since the 9N and T3 are long discontinued.
Finding parts or replacement parts will be very difficult.

If you go the 9N(T) route you are taking a risk. In my situation, I think it has been well worth it.



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Sep 19, 2000
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Batteries and lamps won't be a problem. They use the same batteries, and charger if the charger you have is the one that charges batteries outside the light. Lamps are the same. The biggest problem will be the rubber tailcap if it's used hard. Mine is starting to look like it's going to tear soon. I'm not sure what I'll do then. Buy a new light maybe. The switch itself is pretty simple, so there isn't much risk that it will fail on you, and you'll be stuck. There really isn't much that can go wrong with the light itself. The rubber tailcap could get damaged and you'd have to find some way to repair it, the lens could get broken, and you could somehow cross thread the bezel or tailcap. That's about the only things I can think of.

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