SureFire E1B: 80 lumens vs. 110 lumens


Sep 6, 2004
Hi All,

I have a questions in regards to my SureFire E1B.

I purchased the light in October 2007, and the packaging, which I've kept, states it is the 80 lumen on high version. I called SureFire customer service to see if there was a way that I could, for a fee, have the LED upgraded to the 110 lumen version. I was told that this was not possible.

Based on that, my 2 questions are..

1) Does that sound accurate, that SF would not be able to upgrade the LED in the head for a cost? I was told if an 80 lumen version was sent in, it could only be repaired by tech support as an 80 lumen version, and a 110 sent in could only be repaired as a 110 version

2) If the above is correct, is there a way I can get a 110 head by itself?

If you all have any questions on your end, please do let me know.