Surefire M952V selectable white/IR led weaponlight


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Jan 5, 2007
Phoenix, AZ
Anyone know anything more???

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The revolutionary new M952V LED WeaponLight will literally change the landscape forever. Operators now get 70 lumens of overwhelming white LED light along with high levels of IR light (for use with Night Vision Devices) with the turn of a selector ring on the bezel itself. Warfighters no longer need filters or tungsten conversion heads to get the IR light needed in the field. And the new LED head also provide higher outputs, far longer runtimes, more durability, and longer life of the light itself, since the LED is solid state with no filament to burn out or break. Engage the deeply penetrating white light (with plenty of surround beam for close-quarter combat) with a tailcap pushbutton switch or use the included momentary-on tape switch. When infrared light is needed just push the selector ring forward then rotate the ring to the IR position. The 75 mW IR light is also deeply penetrating, making it ideal for covert operations when used with Night Vision Devices (NVDs). And it comes standard with an M93 throw-lever rail mount which features a 7075 aluminum base with hardened steel cams and drives that ensure your light will stay attached to your Picatinny rail no matter what. This new millennium V-Series WeaponLight offers high-quality, high-output white light and IR light, together at last, in one head that runs for a long time.


Brilliant, focused white LED light with plenty of surround beam ideal for long- and close-range applications.
75mW of high-output IR emitter provides several times the output compared to an incandescent light source with an IR filter
Bezel Selector Ring allows operator to easily switch from white to IR light, and back again with no filters to store or change out.
Constant-on tailcap switch and momentary-on tape switch included
Aerospace-grade aluminum with Mil-Spec hard anodizing O-ring sealed; waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes.
M93 throw lever mount securely attaches to any Mil-Spec Picatinny rail in seconds
Titanium Picatinny wedge is self-adjusting and securely interfaces with nearly any Picatinny rail (allows for up to .015" undersized and .025" oversized rail)
Batteries—includes two SF123A lithiums with 10-year shelf life


Max Output White Light: 70 lumens
Max Output IR Light: 75mW IR
Runtime - White: 2 hours tactical level light*
*tactical level=50 lumens or higher
Bezel Diameter: 1.37 inches
Length: 6.0 inches
Weight: 9.3 ounces w/battery and tape switch
Battery: Two 123A lithiums
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Feb 3, 2005
Southeastern, NC
I don't know anything more but I'm interested. Not that I need or want this for one of my rifles but because its a new release with a new selection system that might be used on other lights in the Surefire line. Speculation on my part I know, but I think this could be an interesting sign of things to come. Now where's my popcorn?