SureFire -new bulbs?



I've heard about a 100 or a 120 Lumen bulb for the E2, and a 200 lumen bulb for the 8A/NX (X81).


Oct 13, 2001
I don't know if it's possible to deal with the significant heat generated by a 200L lamp in such a tiny light/lamp/reflector -assembly, even with a pyrex lens.


Aug 29, 2000
Kettering, England
Long ago, I coined the terms "X81", "N31", "N91" & "N51".
These are what I am calling the high output lamps I want SureFire to make for the 8AX & 9AN and their TurboHead versions.

These are not SureFire part numbers and have never been confirmed as such (as far as I'm aware). If such high output lamps are made for these models, I assume they will be called something like these because a "1" [or one up *] is used to signify a high output version of a standard Lamp Module.

P60 -> P61
P90 -> P91
MN10 -> MN11
MN20 -> MN21
MN60 -> MN61 (& N62)
MN15 -> MN16 (*)

As far as I know, there are no plans to make high output lamps for the 9AN or 8AX. This is really sad

But I hope this means that new high output TurboHead rechargeable are in the works for 2002.

The E2 could not have a high output lamp due to it's Lexan Lens that would surely melt. Now that the E2e will be having a Pyrex Lens, a high output Lamp Module similar to the P61 in terms of Lumens/runtime appears to be likely.
The E2e is also likely to have a Compact TurboHead and a high output lamp may rather be developed for that. I'm thinking at the moment that "compact" means 1.5-2" diameter reflector.
I guess SureFire would go for a 100Lu/30min Lamp if possible (?)

I have never heard SureFire suggest a 200Lu output Lamp Module for any 2 cell SF123A model. Due to the amount of heat generated by such a lamp and the batteries, the M2 would be the best choice of flashlight due to it's cooling fins and larger bezel.

I would also like to see a high output lamp for the KT1 TurboHead for 2 cell SureFires. This would be similar to the P61 in output and be called something like the N11.

I hope this helps?