Surefire U2


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Jun 3, 2007
I wonder why Surefire is letting the U2 become outdated.

The highest setting is still 100 lumens: http://www.surefire.com/U2-Ultra

I think this is exactly the same figure that was true when they first came out? (I bought the U2 when it first came out many years ago)

I love my U2... but I do not understand why after all these years they have not upgraded the LED.

Other 2 cell Surefire models now have high settings of 200 lumens, and given the U2's price, I don't see why it hasn't also been upgraded.

I like the functionality of the U2 and size very much. It is the favorite Surefire I own.

My dream upgraded model would have six settings like this

Low setting - 2 lumens

2nd setting - 10 lumens

3rd setting - 30 lumens

4th setting - 60 lumens

5th setting - 120 lumens

High setting - 250 lumens