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Surefires, Fenix, Prometheus, Jetbeam


Flashlight Enthusiast
Sep 16, 2020

All prices include shipping within US50. Payment via PayPal FF, or add 4% for G&S. No batteries included unless otherwise stated. Crossposted, so I'll honor the earliest unconditional "I'll take it."


Surefire U2 Seoul P4: $140

Mint condition, nice throwy beam and built like a tank.

Fenix PD40R V2: $70

Good condition, modified with a brass post soldered to the positive end to allow use of unprotected cells. Battery included and charges via onboard charging. However battery will need a new sleeve or replacement.

Surefire Z2X Combatlight: SV 70

Mint in open box condition. I don't know much about this light, got it in a trade bundle. Tested and works.

Prometheus Alpha: $180 Sold

User with surface dings on the EN finish. Still very solid and excellent beam with what appears to be the MCE emitter.

Jetbeam RRT-01 2019 (modded): $85

I swapped the emitter out with a Nichia 219b sw40 (bought from Andy Zhu) and installed a pebbled TIR for a beautiful neutral high CRI beam. Comes with extensions to allow for 18500 and 18650 cells.
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