Survey - What sort of EDC tools do you want, especially for travel?


Jan 29, 2003
Hi CPF members,

I am a flashaholic like everyone here but I know that lights are just one part of a good EDC kit. I am an editor at Carryology and we are working with a company to produce a capsule collection of EDC tools. I'd like to get your feedback on what sort of tools you look for when carrying a EDC tool and, in particular, what are things you bring or wish you could bring, when traveling.

We're collaborating with one of our favorite EDC brands (can't release their name just yet, sorry) and we're exploring the idea of creating an awesome EDC / travel capsule. A set of pocket-sized tools that will aid you in your travels (and be TSA or air safety friendly).

Here it goes…

1) Do you ever fly with EDC gear, ie: pen, multi-tool etc? If so, which ones? Brand names and models would be super helpful.

2) In respect to multi-tools, what tools do you find most useful when traveling? Ie: pen, scissors, pliers, nail file, tweezers, etc. Knives are obviously off the table.

3) And are there any tools you wish were on the market? Or specific use cases while traveling that aren't catered for?

4) If we released a collection of a few EDC products that were part of the same set, and you could only buy them as a set, would that upset you? Would you prefer to buy items piecemeal?

Thanks for your help and I promise to keep everyone updated with the development or release of the product. I asked permission to post this question and want to be sure not to cross any lines when it comes to a commercial posting. We are not looking to advertise or sell anything here.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Aug 27, 2006
1 ~ Have not flown in years and prefer to keep it that way. Absolutely disgusting how Airports look at your basically naked body through a scanner or give you the choice of being invasively groped. Recently returned from a vacation trip. Had the choice of flying one way for two hours or taking the bus for 8 hours. I took the bus. It was a bit cheaper but not by much. Would gladly put up with all the headaches of bus travel than put up with that one headache of B.S. security measures that do nothing.

However, back before all that garbage started taking place, I flew to Vegas for vacation. Took all of my usual EDC gear except my knife and my multi-tool. Pen can be any one as long as it's not one marketed as a "Tactical" pen. TSA knows all about those. I'd recommend a solid S.S. Parker Jotter as it's tough enough for daily carry and use.... and might come in handy during a less than happy encounter with a stranger. Otherwise brand name doesn't mean much. Oh, I don't fly with checked baggage. Just carry-on.

2 ~ When traveling, you never know which tools would come in handy. If I were to use checked baggage, I'd toss in my Leatherman Wave with accessory Wave pocket-clip attached from Leatherman. The black clip version on the S.S. body is excellent and very low-profile. Generally speaking, unless you try to use the blade on a multi-tool as a weapon, most American police officers don't care that you're carrying an MT.

Personally have found the file, and scissors, along with the needle nose portion of the pliers to be the most useful for me.

Flying to another country would be a different story. Bladeless version of the Gerber M600 multi-tool in checked baggage. If anyone in authority gives me the stink eye regarding the Remgrit saw, I can easily detach it and hand it to them to throw away. Then just buy a new Remgrit in-country or attach a new one after getting back to America.

3 ~ Not really.

4 ~ I hate it when your only option is buying a complete set when all you want is one or two tools.