Swimming with the DC1


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Jul 26, 2010
Near the Big Apple
Last night I went swimming with my Aluminum DC1- it performed flawlessly as expected. The pool was slightly more then 9 feet deep. I took it down to the bottom and played with the switch a bit, practiced diving and even took it into a hot tub. I used it more in the pool last night then I did in the past to test it out.

On on turbo in the pool, it did a better job then the pool lighting and I got a couple of wows and "C#@p that is bright!"

The clip kept the light attached to the pocket of my bathing suit without any slippage- until I pulled it out.

Besides being a fun light it is solidly built and my definite go-to light. The customer service if ever needed is icing on the cake! Thanks Jeff for such a light and tool!