Sydney Flashaholic Get Together?


Newly Enlightened
May 4, 2006
Sydney, Australia
To anyone who might happen upon this thread...

Many moons ago (2006!) I was part of a group of guys who met up from time to time to showcase their collection of flashlights, spotlights and custom lights. It was actually a lot of fun having so many different lights in one location and being able to test throw and flood in a dark setting.

Portable light emitting devices have come a long way since 2006, with small multi emitter lights going into the 10s of thousands of lumens and exotic new tech like LEP recently hitting the market.

I've never grown out of this crazy hobby and would be happy to organise a get together in Sydney once lockdown is over and Covid is under control.

If anyone is interested, pm me or reply to this thread. Cheers!

(I'm having a chuckle at my ancient list of lights below. I'll leave it as is for posterity but please believe my collection has been updated)

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