T20CS malfunction with side switch.

Lou Maan

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Oct 21, 2011
Hi, got my T20CS this week and everything seemed to work fine at first. Then one night I decided to pretend I was in a real life tactical situation and double clicked for strobe. After about 5 seconds the light turned itself off. I was like: "What the? Did that just happen?" Clicked it once more and it returned to strobe for half a second then went off again. Everything was tight, tested my battery and it was good, changed the battery today and it's doing it consistently except it goes to low after. I have good batteries and the strobe is only on high, it's not like it's a turbo strobe so the batteries can sure handle a sub 500 lumen strobe. Just glad I tested it before trusting my life to it. Okay, maybe I'm jumping the gun here but is there something I need to clean, is it just a dud, or should I be using something else as a tactical light because side switch electronics just do that (malfunction)?

Just for reference, my T40CS malfunctions too but only when I'm on low, I go to switch it off with a single click and strobe kicks in. I'm not riding the switch with my finger or anything, it's clearly off, I know how to properly/cleanly click buttons, been using buttons all my life on computer/Nintendo/X Box whatever so I really do think there is a problem with this configuration. The only thing that's never let me down is my T20C which has a completely different switch system (and a nice strike bezel I might add;). Is anyone else experiencing this problem or is it just me? Can I do something to fix it?

Addition: It only happens if I depress the rear switch and turn it off, then turn it back on again via the rear switch (ie fresh start) then program it to low, turn it off from the side switch, then turn the strobe on from the off by double clicking. Then it turns itself off after a 5 second strobe. Alternatively, if I leave it on turbo then turn it off on the side, if I double click from that off position, there is strobe for 5 seconds and returns to high or turbo (hard to tell). Hard to explain because of the UI is complex but I hope some guys get what I mean and try it to see if it happens to them. Thanks.
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