Tail Standing an LED Flashlight



Many LED flashlights do not tailstand at all as the switch protrudes further than the tailpiece. Others such as most dual 18650 lights with the batteries in line are too top heavy to safely tail stand. Long and skinny with a small base is not very stable.

I have made light holders for my Olight M30 and M31 lights. Machined both out of bronze discs about 2.5 in diameter and 1 thick I picked up at the scrap yard some time ago. An easy job on a lathe. Aluminum or even wood discs would work too. The taller the light and the lighter the disc material used the larger the diameter you want to make the holder.

Having something that can hold a light upright while on can be very handy during a night time power outage.

Sorry no photos. I am a crappy photographer.