Tailcap current vs emitter current?


Flashlight Enthusiast
Jan 15, 2007
New Zealand
why are so few DX lights constant current? I understand the obvious if it's related to cost but is it?
Hmmm... ;) (Remember they're selling to the mass market.)

For example most any "dedicated thrower" would be most useful with a constant current driver.

A general purpose light may or may not need it depending on what the user was more concerned with...constant brightness or runtime.

The throwers don't seem to have constant current drivers however.
As far as DX is concerned, I'd have to say their throwers would be "best" (for DX and for the average user) without any current limitation, because when those batteries are fresh and the LED is being fed 2 amps or whatever, it'll look like a really impressive thrower - which is the whole point. Impressing friends is the main use of those torches, and runtime, long term reliability and lumen maintenance come somewhere down the priority list.