Tailspring bypass on Convoy M3-C and Astrolux FT02S


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Jul 2, 2021
New flashaholic here who only just started my collection off Aliexpress.

Attached are some pics of the tailcaps, the black one is the Convoy and the desert tan is the Astrolux. I'm actually a little surprised that neither came with tailspring bypasses from factory. Both pics show the flashlights in their stock, unmodified form.

Any reason not to do a bypass on both? Especially since the Astrolux is supposed to drain around 35A. Both lights have a brass button for the positive terminal.

Interestingly neither one's tailspring gets hot to the touch even after relatively prolonged turbo use.

IMG_20210803_130919.jpg IMG_20210803_130929.jpg IMG_20210803_130948.jpg IMG_20210803_130958.jpg