Tandy / Radio Shack free torch


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Mar 17, 2001
dayton oh
I have one of the newer iterations of the free 5d.
Its black and yellow.
It already has heat damage from the krypton bulb.
So no hpr44 and nicads for this one LOL!
I at one time when i was around 14 had at peak 9 cards.
If i decided this was the day for a long bike ride i hit all 9 stores within peddling distance.
Turns out all the managers knew what was up but were timing me between stores.
They got a good laugh.
I bought a dead tv off one of the stores that the warranty center in ft worth sent back as unrepairable.
As i was getting ready to leave i remembered the 2 caps that failed causing tuner issues.
Bought them too.
What project you working on now?
An rca tv set.
The radioshack/tandy sets were rca then.
I got lots of repair work after that