Tekkeon MP1550 Mobile Charger USB Problem.


Sep 2, 2009
First of I want to say that I Love this charger. Has saved me numerous times when I am out, and there is no power source. However the included retractable cable seems weak. Overtime it starts to wear out and, does not deliver enough power anymore and simply stops working. I had to replace the cable twice already.

I am using this to charge my blackberry bold 9700, and the included micro USB cable that came with my bold 9700 does not work with this charger even though the mobile charger has a USB PORT. When I try to use the blackberry microUSB cable. I get a error that says not enough power coming from usb to charge this device, make sure you connect to a USB port that can provide sufficient power yet the charger is in idle as if nothing is plugged in.

The weird thing is why does the retractable cable included with the charger charges my blackberry bold 9700 fine, but complains when using the blackberry micro USB cable???. I just don't get it???. By the way I had to get the micro USB adapter for the retractable cable in order to charge my phone.

Problem with this cable that it is too weak I don't think it is meant to carry power constantly, and wears out overtime. Feels like the retractable cable was meant for audio, similar to those Sony headphones type cable. Like I said I don't want to replace the retractable cable AGAIN. Would rather use the blackberry microUSB cable instead, except it does not work with this charger!!.

Manufacture says that you can use the usb cable that came with the device, bypassing the use of the retractable cable that came included with the charger. So what gives???

Any solutions??. Thanks



Newly Enlightened
Apr 28, 2011
Modern smartphones need the data pins (D+ and D-) on the USB cable to be shorted. This lets the smartphone know that it is connected to a USB power that can supply more than 500mAh.

In the android world, most phones can sense three conditions:
1) no cable attached
2) USB power attached -- phone will know it can only draw max 500mAh
3) AC power attached -- phone will know it can draw 500+mAh

I suspect this is what is happening. Many people will try to connect old 12V and 120V USB chargers that have been laying around (pre-2006ish) to their 2010+ smartphones. These old chargers usually have the data pins in an open condition. People may also experience slow charging under these conditions.

Using a DMM I was able to check my old and new USB chargers and it coincided with what my phone detected it as.

See this link for more info:

Sometimes people will make a 'USB Charging cable' by cutting the wire and connecting the data lines together that face the phone and re-taping it. It should be properly label it FOR CHARGING ONLY. Some people have also used foil and tape (!) The data pins are the two inner pins on the male end of the cable that plugs into the charger. The tape also insulates the foil/short from the USB charger/computer. But this seems risky as the tape could dislodge and you would have a sliver of foil floating around in the male end of the USB plug (!!)

Back on track..so any high current phone it is connected to will now know it can draw 500+mAh. This can create problems if the USB port cannot adequately supply the current, as it would burn it out immediately or over time.

I've bought recent OEM chargers (both 120v and 12v) on Amazon for ~$3.50 that have the Data pins properly shorted and are built from the factory to supply the current safely. Motorola makes highly rated OEM chargers for on Amazon.

WRT to the Tekkeon supplying the proper current to your device. The idea is to 'trick' your phone into thinking it is connected to AC USB power when it is really connected to the Tekkeon (explained above). From what I gather, the Tekkeon can only safely supply 850mAh, so please ensure that your device does not draw more than this or you may burn out the Tekkeon.