Test/Review of USB battery box FlourEon HQM403


Mar 26, 2008
Copenhagen, Denmark
[size=+3]USB battery box FlourEon HQM403[/size]


The box has 4 batteries, two usb outputs and a small flashlight.
The specifications are:
  • Brand: FLOUREON®
  • Chemistry: 18650 Samsung 2600mAh Battery cells
  • Real Capacity: 10400mAh
  • Input: DC 5V/1.5A Max.
  • USB Output: DC 5V~1A
  • USB Output: DC 5V~2.1A

I got it from gearbest that sells it on Amazon and ebay.

[size=+2]How does it look[/size]


The power bank is delivered in a white cardboard box.


It contains the power bank, a usb cable and a manual.


All connectors and some indicators are placed on one side of the box.
  • 4 led strip and button.
  • Micro usb: Charge input.
  • 1A usb output.
  • 2.1A usb output.


The micro usb is the charge input and the two other usb connectors is in parallel for usb output. I would have liked a more visible marking of the connectors.


The led strip shows charge state, but there is no indication when the output is on.
The button us used to turn the output on and to turn the flashlight led on/off.


At one end is a small hole, it contains a 5mm led that can be used as a weak flashlight. With the size of this power bank the runtime is very long (Manual says 250 hours, but I did not check).


A front view of the box.


And a side view.


Clear labeling with input and output currents and voltages.


I could not open the box, i.e. there is no measurements directly from the battery, only from the input and output connectors.

  • No indication when output is on.
  • The box has a two step overload protection, first the voltage is reduced, then turned off.
  • The two channels can deliver the same current, because they are in parallel.
  • 1A output is coded as USB charger DCP
  • 2.1A output is coded as Apple 2.1A
  • When charging the leds shows charge state.
  • A short press on the button will turn on output and show the charge state.
  • A long press on the button will turn the light on or off (This will also turn the output on).
  • Output turns off after 30 seconds with load below 200mA.
  • When flashlight in on, the output will not be turned off, even when unloaded.
  • Output turns off when input power is connected.



The first test is a load sweep to get an idea about the performance. The two outputs looks identical and can both deliver 2A without any problems.


The output looks very fine at 0.5A with about 7000mAh capacity.
Note: Specifications always list battery capacity, output capacity will be 70% or less compared to that, due to the voltage difference between battery (3.7 volt) and output.


Even at 2A the box works perfectly, but the capacity is slightly reduced (This is expected).


The output has 24mV rms noise and 156mVpp noise at 2A, this is fairly good.


At 0.5A the noise is down to 8mV rms and 64mVpp, also a good value.


The charge curve looks like a classic CC/CV charge curve and the batteries are charged with a bit above 10000mAh (Matches the specification of 10400mAh).
It takes about 9 hours to fully charge the power bank and requires a usb power supply that can deliver 1.5A as the specifications says.


This box looks good with both Apple and usb coded outputs, a fair amount of capacity, low noise and no problem supplying 5 volt at full load.
I like it.


The usb box was supplied by gearbest for review.

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