That FAMILIAR question....


Oct 13, 2001
Flashaholism gene disguised as a Linux cluster




Feb 13, 2004
"What's with you and all these lights?"

Hehe, BN I think I helped to shut down the Aurora thread by others misconstruing my statement that just about said that...amongst other things /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif.

I wonder, but are there really any answers? Chinese New Years starts Feb. 9th, and as you know, the Chinese invented fireworks...and no, even if js somehow manages to implicate Ginseng's ethnic roots to that invention, along with the invention of the incandescent lamp, LOL, j/k, j/k, it still doesn't mean that thousands of years ago, my outcast tribe, via my roots on my mother's side, were the driving force for Ginseng's ancestors to invent fireworks (sorry, it's in inside joke). Any way, can we figure out why so many CPF members (other than the fact that almost 1/2 the world's population is Asian) are Asian?

Ah, fireworks, the ancient flashlight display of old times, don't you think??? What captivates a segment of all of society, racial influence or not to enjoy this fleeting light? some remnants of our primordial past, where life and death would depend on fire?

If I were to be reincarnated as an animal, I'm sure I would be a mountain otter, hopelessly playful and energetic, sliding down a snow covered slope and flying off a bolder 'ski jump' into a stream/river 1/2 way between Idaho and the Wyoming border...I actually saw the trail remnants of this, on a marathon driving skiing trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming April 1985). And if you think about how dogs love to stick their heads out of an auto window for the breeze, and how cats don't do this?

There are people, even Chinese, who don't much make a big deal about modern or ancient New Years; but then there are all of us who are fascinated by the stars, comets, meteors, Aurora (hmm, did I manage to close such a thread /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif) Borealis, shooting stars, bright lights and what not.

Chinese New Years starts February 9th, let us enjoy and celebrate with bright lights of all kinds, that bring us awe and a smile on our faces. If it puts a smile on your face, who are we to question this?


Flashlight Enthusiast
Jan 4, 2005
San Jose, CA
I grew up watching shows like Star Trek and The Wild Wild West. Phasers, communicators, tricorders, wrist derringer, pocket telescope, gadgets, gadgets, gadgets, etc.....

I've always been fascinated with things like flashlights and walkie talkies at an early age. Even the first led calculators seemed amazing to me. Now I'm wowed by technology like handheld gps units with moving colored maps.

That reminds me; Capt. Kirk used a flashlight in one episode. Don't know what is was, but it produced a beam like the Inova X1. Anyone here know what it was?