The 2015 Flashaholic's "Must-Have" List -- Cast Your Vote!


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Oct 16, 2013
#1# Zebralight : SC62
#2# Thrunite : TN12
#3# Fenix : PD35 (2014 Edition)
#4# Eagletac : D25A Clicky

SC62 is probably by far the most useful/versatile light I have, great light to use in urban area. TN12/PD35 are interchangeable in my opinion, TN12 is much cheaper while PD35 feels a little more well built, also TN12 is just slightly brighter. The Eagletac D25A Clicky is a TINY AA/14500 light, you can put it onto your keychain and not notice it is there(well, you do...), huge amount of light from this tiny body.
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Mar 12, 2015
#1# Acebeam : K40M
#2# Olight : M2X-UT Javelot
#3# Nitecore : SRT7
#4# Thrunite : T10T
#5# Fenix : Ti3 Ti


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Feb 6, 2014
Durban South Africa
Here my must have list for this year:

#1# Eagletac : MX25L3C : Nichia
#2# Nitecore : P36
#3# Nitecore : SRT5
#4# Xeno : E11 Cube V7
#5# DQG : Spy SS X-Mas Edition

Regards FrankFlash


Mar 25, 2015
My "Must Buy" (and did...) list of 2015 (at least so far... :) )

#1# EagleTac: MX25L3C Nichia 219
#2# EagleTac: D25A Ti Nichia 219 (2014 Custom Edition)
#3# Sunwayman: D40A Neutral White
#4# Nitecore: SRT5 "Detective"
#5# Zebralight: SC52W

As I get older, brightness of a light impresses me far less than the tint/color rendition of the beam. In my opinion, the Nichia 219 is the greatest breakthrough in flashlight technology of the last 10 years. Beautiful.

My reasons for the above light choices:

#1 - EagleTac MX25L3C N219: Chunk-O-Sweet-Sunlight in a coat pocket. Enough said! :)

#2 - EagleTac D25A Ti N219 (2014): My keychain EDC - beautiful light and moonlight mode! Nice size and UI. Small, but too big for keychain carry. I keychain it anyway.

#3 - Sunwayman D40A Neutral White: Really nice 4AA thrower with excellent build quality, tint, and UI.

#4 - Nitecore SRT5: My only cool white light still in use, and my main EDC. The combination of continuously variable magnetic control ring and low output red emitter trump tint concerns, but the CW tint is not too bad on this light anyway. Switching to the SRT3 next week because the SRT5 is just SLIGHTLY too large for my girly pockets - we'll see if the reduction in brightness and runtime end up being worth the smaller size.

#5 - Zebralight SC52W: Everyone else has raved about this light, and it's actually pretty good - really high output on 14500, decent tint, nice form factor/weight. However, I'm not a huge fan of the UI - it would be MUCH better if the low was accessed with a quick press, and it was a double-click or long-press for high. I've blinded myself too often at night trying for the right timing of "long press" for low. Other than that, it's a pretty nice light.

Honorable Mention: EagleTac D25LC2 Color. Lots of fun, but mostly useless for real-world applications. The blue emitter just bugs me... but the green is good for setting up a relaxing mood in the evening listening to tunez. The red is nice for setting up a romantic mood! :)

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Nov 5, 2013
#1 HDS Rotary: high CRI
#2 MBI: HF Titanium
#3 SWM V11R
#4 McGizmo: Haiku - titanium
# 5 Peak: Eiger

looking very much forward to the MBI Torpedo


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Mar 27, 2013
#1 Zebralight SC52 L2. (EDC pocket) this light is amazing, so customizable and well-built. I never leave home without.
#2 Olight S35 Baton. Power out or camping. Most efficient room-lighter in the world, no? On common batteries no less.
#3 Fenix E01. (EDC keychain backup) You all know this little torch. Enough said.
#4 Fenix TK 41. Spotlight for your backyard or Search&Rescue. Throwking at half a K. Nitecore EA8 can also go here.
#5 Olight S15 Baton. Countertop go-to, EDC. Take your pick.

I have a huge stock of Eneloop AA and AAA batteries so I tend to buy flashlights that accommodate.


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Apr 5, 2010
Honolulu, HI
#1# McGizmo : Haiku : AA Nicha 119
#2# HDS : Clicky : Hi CRI 100
#3# Surefire : E2D LED Defender

1. I have yet to find a light more versatile than the AA-compatible McGizmo Haiku...or one more beautiful. This one is a keeper for life. And the 119 emitter is outstanding. Also, best pocket clip of any light. Simple, functional.
2. I carried the HDS every day for over a year. After parting with a 140 and a 170, the 100 is still great. My understanding is a 120 lumen Hi CRI is now offered. But I don't see the need to upgrade. This light still looks as new as the day I purchased it. Surprisingly, once I programmed it to the modes I wanted, I did not find the need to tinker with it anymore. What a great UI too!
3. Although the Ultra is available with 500 lumens, I prefer the older 200 lumen model because it has a smaller head, more aggressive bezel, and flat output.

The weird thing I've noticed is that although these might not be the newest releases, they're still the ones I'd pick.


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Mar 27, 2014
#1# Thrunite: Archer 1A: V2
#2# Fenix: PD35: 2014 Edition

1. Full featured AA sized pocket light. I carry this light everyday. Run it with a 14500 battery but if that ever gets drained, AA's can be found anywhere. With the 14500 it's as bright as many other similarly sized 2x CR123A lights.

2. 1" 18650 bright enough and takes plenty of abuse.

Impossible lumens

Apr 25, 2015
#1# Nitecore: MH20
#2# Trustfire: x6
#3# Nitecore: MH40
#4# Olight: sr95
#5# Nitecore: TM36 mini

Listed these in order of relevance based on a combination of what I most want and what I most realistically will actually obtain. Great fun!


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Apr 27, 2015
This Has Been on my list since I saw it on thinkGeek back in january.

#1# NiteCore : TM26


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Dec 7, 2014
#1# Niwalker : Nova
#2# Fenix : PD35
#3# Olight : S10R
#4# Olight : S30R
#5# Niwalker : Vostro BK-FA02

I have two PD35s and three S10s for utility. The PD35 is the best do-everything light that fits my style; the Olights are perfect house lights and dog-walking lights; but the Niwalker MM15 just makes me happy.